*ARTIST PROOFS* The Artist's Grave

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ARTIST PROOFS & FLAWED PRINTS- Please read below for description 


Original Artist Proofs that represent colour tests. These prints vary slightly from the final limited edition set that was released. You will receive a print that is slightly darker or lighter than the final version of The Artist's Grave. 


These prints contain small imperfections that occurred during the printing process. Generally this is within the white borders surrounding the image mall where tiny ink droplets can be seen. These flaws are very subtle, in some cases hardly visible and in others slightly more apparent. However, the flaws do not significantly effect the visual component of the print and can be hidden through framing if you choose. These test prints are the exact same as the limited edition in virtually every other way, including colour and print quality

💖 13x13” archival art print . Printed on 14 point cover weight stock paper. These prints are signed and come labeled as AP# (Artist Proof) rather than numbered.