♡The Pollinators♡ Limited Edition Print

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💖 13x13” archival art print with .75” inch border. Printed on 14 point cover weight stock paper. Signed and numbered. I’m so excited to share this special print with you because $20 CAD from every print sold goes to the Wildlife Preservation Canada to help animals in danger of extinction. I’m hoping that together, we can make a difference for some of the creatures we share this world with! :) 


About Wildlife Preservation Canada: 

“Wildlife Preservation Canada saves animals on the brink of extinction. Since 1985, we’ve been saving critically endangered species – species whose numbers in the wild are so low that a great deal more than habitat protection is required to recover them.” 

Native Pollinator Initiative

Ninety per cent of all flowering plants can’t reproduce without the help of pollinators. And those plants, in turn, support thousands of other species. That makes insect pollinators such as butterflies, flies, moths, beetles and bees a cornerstone of natural ecosystems (not to mention crop production).

Several pollinating butterfly and bee species have recently been categorized as at risk in Canada. Wildlife Preservation Canada’s pollinator initiative — our first nationwide multi-species recovery effort — aims to save these important insects from extinction.

However, doing that means pioneering new approaches: conservation management for insects is a relatively new field in North America.

Since the launch of our program in 2013, we’ve collaborated with numerous partners in Canada, the U.S. and overseas. We’ve established conservation breeding colonies, created the www.bumblebeewatch.org website, hosted educational workshops, spearheaded scientific research and supported efforts to improve or restore habitat.